Review: Ditching The Drive-Thru – J. Natalie Winch

Ditching the Drive ThruBook Title:  Ditching the Drive-Thru: How to Pass Up Processed Foods, Buy Farm Fresh, and Transform Your Family’s Eating Habits on a Modern Mom’s Schedule by J. Natalie Winch 
Category:  Adult non-fiction,192 pages
Genre:  Healthy Living / Food
Publisher:  Spikehorn Press
Release date:  September 2015





After an exhausting day at work, hitting the drive-thru or nuking a pre-fab meal is all too often the go-to decision for feeding a family. Cooking a meal from scratch using fresh ingredients can seem beyond the average person’s time, energy, or financial means. But with mounting evidence pointing to processed food and our industrial food system as the culprits behind many of our nation’s health problems—including obesity, diabetes, and cancer—it’s now more important than ever to be fully informed about what goes on your family’s dinner plates.

If you’re ready to take control of your food choices but don’t know the difference between grass-fed versus grain-fed, pastured versus free-range, or organic versus sustainable, read this book to discover:

• How to create your own thirty-month plan to convert your family from junk food to real food, without a revolt!

• Recipes and advice on planning and prepping meals so you can make homecooked a habit for your family

• Instructions for getting the most out of produce using techniques such as lacto-fermentation, dehydrating, and canning

•  introduction to the world of farm-direct sales, including tips on locating local farms, seeing through marketing buzzwords, and shopping with CSAs Ditching the Drive-Thru exposes the insidious hold the commercial food industry has taken over the fast-paced lives of the average American and the danger these processed foods and diet plans pose to our health, environment, and emotional wellbeing.

Learn how to break free from the grind and return to a simpler relationship with food from farmers, not factories, and home-cooked meals that are created in your kitchen, not on a conveyor belt.

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Since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have been fiddling with my diet in an effort to try and naturally help myself. I am fully aware of the effects that diet does have on health in general and I would much rather eat salad and cook every meal from fresh ingredients every day rather than tossing back a handful of tablets every day, twice a day.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather eat a salad than swallow a cocktail of drugs.

Maybe that’s just me but I think it’s a good way to be.

When I was offered the chance to review Ditching The Drive-Thru, I jumped at the chance. I always want to learn more about diet and the impact processed foods have on our health.

I found the whole book to be insightful and helpful. I plan on trying out some of the recipes which is a bit of a rarity for me. I often buy cookbooks and then will make 1-2 recipes from the book if I’m lucky. I find it rare that in a book of this nature, the narrative voice isn’t talking down to me, like I’m an idiot for eating the way I do. Winch actually takes the time to explain where we are going wrong and how to change it. The book has now become my go to manual for eating more naturally and transforming eating habits. I’m hoping that in a few weeks of eating this way, I feel refreshed and more alert rather than bed bound and sluggish

Would I recommend Ditching The Drive-Thru to a friend?

Yes! Especially to those with children who have no idea how to start cooking naturally for their family, rather than serving up processed plastic boxes

J. Natalie WinchJ. Natalie Winch lives in southern New Jersey, not far from where she grew up, with her husband, two children, and dogs. When she isn’t mothering, teaching, grading, or making lesson plans, Natalie runs the Hebrew School at her synagogue, coaches soccer, teaches lacto-fermentation classes, writes the occasional entry for her blog Food Empowerment (, and fights the dust bunnies that threaten to take over her family room.

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